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Rappers Murdered On Their Own Tracks

It a simple unwritten rule - you can’t have a man come into your house and just do as they please. Same thing with tracks, if you had to feature anyone, why let them murder you on your own shit?
Whenever one rapper reaches out to ask another to guest on their song, there's usually genuine respect unless the feature was mandated by the label. But either way, you don't want your guest turning in a lackluster performance since that wackness reflects badly on you. Then again, you don't want anybody jacking your spotlight either.

Ever since Nas hurled those immortal words "Eminem murdered you on your own shit," we've been thinking about all the songs where rappers stepped in and straight bodied their hosts. That's why we're taking a trip to the land of damaged egos and career-making cameos with songs where rappers got murdered on their own shit.

Jay-Z f/ UGK Big Pimpin'
Murderer: Pimp C
Album: Vol. 3: The Life & Times of S. Carter

"In the South, I'm regarded as the guy who, quote unquote, out-rapped Jay-Z," Bun B once boasted about this song. "Not saying that I'm a better rapper than Jay-Z, but I was able to out-rap Jay-Z on a track." Bun might have a point there, but as dope as his verse is, he's still playing second fiddle to the late great Pimp C, who made this Timbo track his bitch, added it to the stable, and put it on the stroll. Drunk people in clubs nationwide rejoice at being able to sing along to his slow, trill delivery. The legacy of this verse lives on - it was even quoted at length this year on Kendrick Lamar's "Blow My High (Members Only)". Maybe that's why the video version magically boasts an extra Hov verse at the end.

The Fugees f/ Pace Won, Young Zee, Rah Digga & John Forte "Cowboys"
Murderer: John Forte
Album: The Score
The year 1996 belonged to the Fugees. The Score was flying off the shelves thanks to "Ready Or Not" and "Killing Me Softly." Unfortunately, those radio-friendly singles overshadowed the lyrical frenzy of "Cowboys," featuring three members of the legendary Jersey crew The Outsidaz. But it was an unknown MC by the name of John Forte who came out of nowhere at the end tore the entire song out of the frame.

Wale f/ J. Cole & Melanie Fiona "Beautiful Bliss"
Murderer: J. Cole
Album: Attention Deficit
In 2009, Wale dropped his debut album and tried his damnest to prove he was going to be the next big thing. Unfortunately for him, his debut album was basically a complete disaster. To make matters worse, he invited J. Cole to rhyme alongside him on "Beautiful Bliss." Cole ended up outshining Wale so bad it left us thinking we jumped the gun with Wale and should have been more concerned with Cole's debut.

B.o.B's "Gladiators,"
Murderer: J. Cole

Cole is a murderer, he should be doing lyrical time in some jail or something, the man is on a mission to murder all those who feature him. I can't remember what B.o.B is saying in the joint that’s cause Cole just owned the song. He says it best, "You'll see we not the same/I got a shit list with lots of names/And plus hit list with of rappers I'ma cock and aim"

EPMD f/ LL Cool J "Rampage"
Murderer: LL Cool J
Album: Business As Usual

Yeah Mr Todd Smith seems soft but he is not one to be messed with and a couple of MCs might testify to that. Long before Hollywood, Ladies Love Cool James was a beast on the mic and at a time when Def Jam was heaven to a swam of Mcs - LL held his own on the EPMD track.

Lil Wayne f/ Fabolous & Juelz Santana "Nothing On Me"
Murderer: Fabolous
Album: Tha Carter III

From the hypnotic 808s of "A Milli" to smooth cuts like "Ms. Officer" and the jazzy touch of "Dr. Carter," the beats on Lil' Wanye's Carter III were eccentric as Weezy himself. That might explain why this beat, provided by The Alchemist, had a distinctively East Coast feel. But Tunechi may have made a mistake by giving Funeral Fab home-court advantage. Bear witness to Fab putting on a punchline clinic as he spits an extended metaphor about the Wayans brothers before weaving into a long riff on Italian food. Juelz holds his own, but by the time Wayne shows up, it's just too late. He's got nothing on Fab this time around.

Ma$e f/ DMX, Black Rob & The LOX "24 Hours To Live"
Murderer: DMX
Album: Harlem World

A textbook definition of finishing up strong: There was no way DMX wasn't going to rip this rugged and raw beat to shreds like a pitbull with an old tire. While all of the other MCs on the track seemed to be at peace with their impending lyrical demise, Earl was stuck in straight-up maniac mode. A year later, DMX's career would finally take off as he became the hottest rap in the game. And yeah, we remembered his name.

Nas f/ Ludacris & Jadakiss "Made You Look (Remix)"
Murderer: Ludacris
Album: God's Son

Oh, you thought Luda was only comfortable on bouncy Southern-tinged beats? Think again. While Nas and Jada might have treated this as just another 16 to add to their illustrious portfolios, Luda came back for the first time with a vengeance. It felt like Cris was out to prove that he could hold his own alongside two of NYC's most prolific spitters. And that he did. If you don't believe us, watch the crowd reaction at the 1:20 mark here.

UGK f/ Outkast "International Players Anthem"
Murderer: Andre 3000
Album: Underground Kings

Before the song goes into super crunk mode, "International Players Anthem" is set off by one of the best lyricists to ever rise from the Dirty Dirty not to mention hip-hop, period. Andre weaves a clever story detailing the complexity of the opposite sex over some horns and a church choir. It's a perfect set-up right before the bass drops in, Pimp C sets off his verse, and the song blasts that church into rubble. The only bad news is that this song started 3 Stacks' habit of focusing on crazy guest verses. Years later, there's still no solo album in sight. Guess we're going to have to keep bumping The Love Below a little longer.

Kanye West f/ Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, & Bon Iver "Monster"
Murderer: Nicki Minaj
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Nicki has had a ton of great guest verses, but this one was the meanest yet. Going toe-to-toe with some of the best in the game, she turned heads swiftly after unleashing this ferocious split-personality flow. No pretty Barbie smile or Taylor Swift co-signs required on this one.

Game f/ 50 Cent "Hate It Or Love It" (2005)
Murderer: 50 Cent
Album: The Documentary

With their beef at least 50 can say I murdered Game on his track. When they were still in one camp, Fif' jumped on the track with Game and the result never favored the Compton born.

Raekwon f/ Nas & Ghostface Killah Verbal Intercourse 
Murderer: Nas
Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Being the first ever non-Wu member ever featured on a Wu track, on arguably the strongest debut solo effort from a Wu-Tang member is a pretty dubious honor. And Nas exploited that to the fullest. RZA's mellifluous track compliments Nas' flow like a pinky ring to a silk shirt. And they had the nerve to let him go first?

Jay-Z f/ Kanye West & Rihanna Run This Town 
Murderer: Kanye West
Album: The Blueprint 3

If there's any misconception about how superb Kanye's verse is on "Run This Town," just check the video. You can see Jay-Z mouthing the lyrics right along with 'Ye, almost as if he wished the awesome 32-bar verse was his. Yeezy didn't just rattle off one of the best raps of his career, he also defeated his teacher. When XXL asked Jay-Z about being out rapped by 'Ye he conceded the point: "As long as I've been in the game, that's going to happen, once or twice or even three times." In other words, "Yeah Ye got me, but I've won so many times who's counting?"

LL Cool J f/ Canibus, Method Man, Redman, & DMX "4, 3, 2, 1 (Original)" (1997)
Murderer: Canibus
Album: Phenomenon

Ah for all those that are new to rap music or were in a comma - this here is the track that distorted Canadian rapper Canibus' career. Bus murdered LL and his career went just went downhill. Even LL testified how he set him up with Wyclef and spent his whole album budget.

Amu - Attention ft. Mr Sewyn & Pro-Verb
Album: he Life, Rap and Drama
Murderer: Mr Sewyn

Mr Verb played it safe like avoiding stepping on toes, easily forgetting his verse, but as the track was headed to a yawn state - Mr Sewyn stepped up and cleaned the floor with Amu and Verb's verses. Translating what he says on the track, "My blood is filled with hate/wasting my strength on hiphop/to be in this state/maybe the mistake is I wasn't inspired."

Nicki Minaj f2 Chainz "Beez In The Trap"
Murderer: 2 Chainz
Album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Chainz officially made the jump to mega-stardom right around the time he was featured on the hottest single off NIcki's sophomore album. It's the first time we've ever heard the word "Doohickey" in a rap verse before and probably also the first time anybody ever told NIcki he would put it in her kidney.

Future f/Diddy "Same Damn Time (Remix)"
Murderer: Diddy
Album: Pluto

A few years back, when everyone thought Diddy's rapping career was down for the count, he hopped on Waka Flocka Flame's "O Let's Do It (Remix)" and totally spit one of the best verses of that year. Puff picks up where he left off on the "Same Damn Time (Remix)," spitting obnoxious and outlandish rhymes that he owns because, well, he's Diddy and he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Kendrick Lamar f/Gunplay "Cartoons and Cereal"
Murderer: Gunplay

Every year rap goes through a transition and if Gunplay could have come out ten years ago, um maybe his songs where going to be thrown in the trash as just that… trash. But now the Miami native and Rozah's sidekick is trying to step away from the shadows of the beard one. Kendrick has massive talent, but on Cartoons and Cereal, it’s Gun that wanted it the most.

Young Nations f/Pro Syeke Ngendaba
Murderer: Pro
Album: Nations Uprising

Pro formally known as ProKid, made his name sending MCs to their career graves. Who can ever forget the battles of Gandhi Square? Young Nations fresh from the US, jumped into the studio and reached out to Pro. Maybe Pro thought, hey man let me show this SA Yankee how we do it over here and the result - I'm not even sure if Young ever realized and album after this.  

Game f/Kendrick Lamar "The City"
Murderer: Kendrick Lamar
Album: The R.E.D. Album

Some would argue that Game is not a strong rapper and that it was a walkover for K-dot, but why step into the ring with a monster if you are not prepared to fight? Kendrick rips this track to shreds, from his hook to his verse - there's no denying the man poised to take over the crown of the west coast.

Scarface f/2Pac "Smile"
Murderer: 2Pac
Album: The Untouchable

Pac was a great motivator on tracks, spoke of the struggles of black people and yes he had tracks about bitches but what Pac wasn't was a super lyricist. Two poets joining forces on a track that asks you to smile even through hardship. Pac was built for these sort of tracks, it's like calling Michael Jackson to come babysit your kid (God rest his soul). Pac gives us a wakeup call on the state of the hood. "No fairy tales for this young black male/Some see me stranded in this land of hell, jail, and crack sales/Hustlin' and heart be a nigga culture."

Da L.E.S f/Bongani Fassie and Maggz "on fire"
Album: Fresh to Def
Muderer: Maggz

Maggz used to roll with Pro once upon a time and he is or was lyrically a man bold enough to step up to Pro and could have won. We have heard stories of his mic aggression and he shows it on this joint, he bodies L.E.S

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