What's a definition of a hustler? Could it be the one in the dictionary…but wait, the streets tells a different story of what a hustler is. You might be asked can you sell water to the ocean or can you sell sand to the desert… but who really defines a hustler - who says a man holding down two jobs isn't? Truth is - we all on our grind, be it selling potatoes or waking up everyday to face the boss you so hate - bottom line is you are an everyday hustler. Hustle On Your Grind - is a blog dedicated to paying homage to movers and shakers, to peeps dreaming of their first million and actually making moves to make that a reality. The site's seed was planted with an idea that was dedicated to showcasing African hip-hop/rap music but the word HUSTLE is bigger than just music itself - then a platform was built for everyday hustlers. The stage is set, bright lights…this is your platform…Hustle playa - be On Your Grind. There's always a story to tell, how you got…we wont ask(shhhh SARS is listening).