Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Trey Songz Would Like To Pull A Watch The Throne With Drake

Jigga first did it with R Kelly and called the album the Best of Both World, hell even though its a different genre he went on to collabo with Linkin Park.

From there on many rappers wanted to do a best of both worlds type of album with rumours of many but only Bow Wow and Omarion dropped Face Off. Fast forward a few odd some years later and Trey Songz says he would like to do one with Drake. Yes a best of both worlds with his buddy Drizzy.

Speaking with, Trigga Trey explained that the musical chemistry is there and that the results would be “authentic.” Trigga Trey says the resulting album would be "very authentic."

“When thinking along the lines of that, Drake is the first person that comes to mind that I am that musically comfortable with in that space,” he said. “He is a friend of mine as well, and I think we can pull something off like that could sound very authentic.”

Like with Jay and ‘Ye, he said that he couldn’t force a collaborative LP, and that it would have to come organically.

“I mean, you got to look at Kanye and Jay-Z and see how long it took them to do it, you know? So it has to be organic in whatever way it happens. It can’t be a business decision and you can’t look at it in a way of making it lucrative. I think it has to be something that you are definitely going into for music’s sake. It has to be something real, because if it’s not authentic you can hear it.”

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  1. Looking good definitely think that Trey should go for it after being successful with the 2 mix-tapes (STEL YOUR GIRL) parting with Drizzy will be a good move after the track Successful being a hit