Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Join The Hustle Movement

Some say that hustlers are born and not made, while others argue that the situation you are inn forces your hand. True or not, hey man who really cares as long as you are getting that Rand.

Already in 2012, looking deep into your soul, what is it that you want to do? Any hustler with the fire within, join the Hustle Group and share your ambition and your everyday hustle.

The Hustle group is for likeminded peeps, hustlers with a story of success and triumph to share.
Let’s make 2012 a year were hustlers shine, slackers hate and go-getters get that paper.

In closing, some food for thought from Wiz Khalifa.
Money on the mind/Hustlin' all the time/All about the paper/Cause da youngn' on his grind/Youngn' on his grind.

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