Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Decadent Divas

"Ambition is priceless, It's something that's in your veins, And I put that on my name," Wale couldn't have said it better. Joyce and Belinda could testify to that.

With ambition plus the hustling bug flowing through their veins, between their day jobs, the two female hustlers co-own Decadent Divas; a up and coming fashion label that makes custom clothing for women (sorry gents). The company also specializes in Marketing and PR of Events.

Belinda works for a marketing communications company while Joyce wakes up to a 9-5 in the IT industry for an IT company called Pathways and lecture in an IT programme called Sharepoint and doubling up as their sales & marketing lady. That's not all, she co-host a radio show called the The Ryde Reloaded on Rhythm100 internet radio - (eat your hearts out haters/slackers).

Under Decadent Divas - the two hustlers helped organize Trey Day and partnered on hosting the Glen 21 Entertainments Birthday party. The beautiful ladies are the brand ambassador for a club called club Icon.

With every passing day, Decadent Divas is growing each every day.

Indeed hustling is in their veins.

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  1. Decadent Divas is a force to be reckoned with.I have seen it start with my own two eyes and what they have accomplished in the amount of time that they have had so far and what they are still going to accomplish. They are Destined for greatness. Watch this SPACE SOUTH AFRICA.Hustle has a new name.