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25 Heart Felt Tracks

From the cradle to the grave, one thing that is sure taught to a mankind by society is that tears aren't his friend at all and expressing his emotions becomes a bitter pill to swallow. Some are free and some have found ways to communicate their sadness - like poets. Musicians as well have been pouring out their hearts for years and years - not just in heartbreaks but almost every topic at hand. But only a few musicians have penned some great teary tracks or mastered the art of telling their pain and painting a picture, making one sit down and go damn I'm going through the same thing. 

We at Hustle On Your Grind have compiled the 25 best tracks that when the beat blast out in the booth like a runaway slave - emotions poured out like freedom, salvation. A sigh‚ a glad to get that off my chest sort of moment.  

#25 M.I - Money

The Naija wordsmith highlights an issue that affects us all - money. Straying from the debate if it buys happiness or not - that fact is - its a key asset in today's life and if you worked hard but do not see the results‚ the below has crossed your mind.

Qoute: Money slow to Enter/Money Quick to Go

#24 H20 - Sheleng (Cent)

Another track expressing the sadness of being broke - this time from a South African rap duo H20.

Quote in translation: I'm trying to hustle some cents/you know how it is/I know I'm annoying/I Know you don't work cos of me/but help me out when I'm good/I'll look after you.

#23 D12 - Good Die Young

D12 is not new to tragedy, before Big Proof - the Eminem led group lost a member of their crew, Bugz. The Detroit rappers take turns expressing their feelings over the loss - sad.

Quote: I came back on that tragic day, my phone rung/And Bizarres voice telling me, Bugz was gone home/It was like a knife piercing my chest and I couldn't breath
I didn't wanna accept it, didn't wanna believe it/I swear with this weight dawg, I cried so hard.

#22 Beanie Sigel - Remember Them Days

Quote: Ever since that day I met Jay, man, I knew my pain was over/They let me in this game it's over/Mom, I know I put you through hell, but now I'm gonna order you heaven.

#21 Richie Rich - Do G's Get To Go To Heaven

The comes a time when one does wrong and wonders if that will have an impact on entering the pearly gates. Can we take it all back…sure if it was possible but such if life we live with the consequences.

Quote: And If I Took A Life Are Perhaps Sold Some Dope Would You Discriminate/On My Arrival To Tha Gate? I Need To Know My Fate, Now My Life Ain't /Str8 But Look At Were I Live Its So So Crooked, I Didn't Shot That Man/But I Watched Him Die And Saw Tha Pain And Struggle In His Eye, And Didn't Cry So/When I Hear Tha Thunder Are You Takin Me Under? Are Is My Seeing As Bad/As Tha Gooder

#19 HHP - Darfur

Touched by the tragedy in Darfur - Hip Hip Pantsula's heart filled with pain, bledding out with sadness and pours out his feelings on pen and pad before the booth.

Quote: Your situation is pain to us all/we will not back down and allow the fueling of the war/we will fight like before/for the freedom of Darfur

#18 Eve - Love Is Blind

Domestic violence, damn it's nasty. Before Hollywood Eve, the Ruff Ryder's former first lady opened our eyes to the dangers of physical abuse.

Quote: She told me she would leave you, I admit it she did/But came back, made up a lie about you missing your kids/Sweet kisses, baby ain't even know she was your mistress/Had to deal with fist fights and phone calls from your bitches/Floss like you possess her.

#17 Wale - Shades

Born from Nigerians parents Wale struggled to fit inn and worse being dark made him feel even less of himself.

Quote: I felt the lighter they was the better that they life is/So I resented them and they resented me/Cheated on light-skinned Dominique when we was seventeen/I figured I'd hurt her, she'd evidently hurt me, and all women who had light features.

#16 Dr Dre - The Message

One of the father's of gangster rap has a heart too. The tragedy death of his brother forced the Compton born produce/rapper to open the pain flood gates and let us know he was human too - that the loss hurt him.

Quote: I done been through all emotions, from in shock, to keepin a poker face/to straight breakin down and showin all emotions/I'm anxious to believe in real G's don't cry/If that's the truth, then I'm realizin I ain't no gangsta/It's just not me, but you know I'ma always ride wit you/I miss you, sometimes I wish I just died wit you

#15 Ja Rule - Daddy's Little Girl

We are living in a wonder of a world but at times it can be cruel. We wish we could shield those we love from all the nasty things - like I said, we wish.

Quote: Daddy's little baby, must learn this world is shady/And the color of your skin don't make you less of a lady/Degrade yourself, never cuz I'm teaching you better

#14 Ice Prince - Find You

There's no sadness like losing a parent but when it's both of them…tragedy.

Quote: I feel lost in this world/since you left me in this place with your girls/and i heard you are in a better place/no hurts, no pains/just diamonds and pearls.

#13 T.I - Live In The Sky

We are born to die - it's simple as that but when a loved one departs, feels like we lose part of us.

Quote: If niggas only knew the kind of time I was facing/I tried to keep to myself but/Sometime I couldn't take it/Got 4 kids with smiles on they faces/Mean more to me than my crown and my bracelet/Take that away from me and my life is butt naked.

#12 Common - Retrospect For Life

Right or wrong what does one do in a situation when bills are pilling up, life's hard beyond saying and there's an unplanned pregnancy? Tough decision to make and like said right or wrong - who are we to judge. The Chicago born MC couldn't bring a child into this world and asked his girlfriend at the time to abort.

Quote: I'm sorry for takin your first breath, first step, and first cry/But I wasn't prepared mentally nor financially/Havin a child shouldn't have to bring out the man in me/Plus I wanted you to be raised within a family.

#11 Rick Ross

I wont say much…i think Rozah says it all.

Quote: I Did Some Things In The Past If I Cud Lord I Will Help you Bring 'Em Back Please Lord I Feel Pain Man/It Ain't 'Cause I can't Speak That's why I Get So Many Songs I can't Sleep On It/Tattoos for/forgiveness/I Might Not Get But forgive Me/I'm Here

#10 Eminem - Rock Bottom

Bills, bills, bills - pilling up and your peanuts paying job ain't helping.

Quote: Minimum wage got my adrenaline caged/Full of venom and rage/Especially when I'm engaged/And my daughter's down to her last diaper/That's got my ass hyper/I pray that god answers, maybe I'll ask nicer

#9 Plies

If you from the hood, you will wonder - why wasn't I a child of a doctor, a lawyer or scientist?

Quote: I asked God why he didn't bless me with a silver spoon/Cause if he did I'd never have to be a goon/If he gon' change my family, I hope he change it soon/I'm tired of answerin' my phone hearin' bad news

#8 Jay Z - Moment Of Clarity

A case of a father walking out on his seed.

Quote: When Pop died/Didn't cry/Didn't know him that well/Between him doing Heroine/And me doing Crack sales/With that in the egg shell/Standing at the tabernacle/Rather the church/Pretending to be hurt/Wouldn't work/So a smirk was all on my face/Like damn that mans face was just like my face/So pop I forgive you.

#7 Ace Hood - Stressin

Bills, bloody bills… sigh! Yeah damn bills

Quote: Dear lord if hear my prayer...I'm stressed n i can't go on/it's like i'm all out of blessings lord/I'm alone n nobody to call I got bills but da money cant solve/mama cryin' but her tears jest fall.

#6 J Cole - Breakdown

Another man leaves his child behind - If your father walked out on you, in the mist of anger - do you ever think why did he leave? Jermaine broke down.

Quote: I feel like you barely know me/And that's a shame cause our last name is the same/That blood type flowing through our veins is the same/My mama left you and it may be that anger's to blame/But that's no excuse, only you and God know the truth/And why you only call monthly, barely ever saw me.

#5 DMX - Slippin

A father walks out, a mother becomes abusive and an alcoholic, don't we know someone like that? Dark Man X expresses the hardship of being a man when he wasn't even ready.

Quote: They put me in a situation forcin' me to be a man? When I was just learnin' to stand without a helpin' hand?/Damn, was it my fault, somethin' I did/To make a father leave his first kid at 7 doin' my first bid?

#4 Game - Start From Scratch

Not to speak for everyone but I'm pretty sure there's a situations or incident - even a moment in life that we would bring back in a blink of an eye.

Quote: I'd give my own life if I could change God's mind/Bring baby luny back at the drop of a dime/He let off a whole k/Got shot 1 time/That was a cool nigga I wish he had 9 lives/My brother devon died coz he chased the cat/This a dog eat dog world Jesus please holla back/I got a confession to make its called payback/If y'all don't wanna listen show me where pastor Mase at.

#3 K'naan - People Like Me

What's more to say about the struggles of Africa? - not looking for pity or turning all political but when it rains hardcore issues genocides, civil wars, starvation, water crisis and not to mention the continuing reign of racism - damn even you will see why the Canadian based African rapper wonders if heaven can provide salvation?

Quote: Heaven, is there a chance that you could come down and open doors to hurting people like me

#2 Tupac - So Many Tears

If I had visions of my death - honestly I'd be scared but can't begin to imagine how Pac felt.

Quote: I'm havin visions/of leavin here in a hearse, God can you feel me?/Take me away from all the pressure, and all the pain/Show me some happiness again, I'm goin blind/I spend my time in this cell, ain't livin well/I know my destiny is Hell, where did I fail?

#1 Ghostface - All that I got is you

There's pain that some people just suppress and lock away for ages but that's not the case with the Wu veteran on this track. He touches on a situation in his life that many would have wanted to remain in that dark room and never see the light, a situation that sadly even today many are still going through.

Quote: Sugar water was our thing, every meal was no thrill/ In the summer, free lunch held us down like steel/And there was days I had to go to Tex house with a note/Stating "Gloria can I borrow some food I'm dead broke"/So embarrasin I couldn't stand to knock on they door/My friends might be laughin, I spent stamps in stores/ Mommy where's the toilet paper, use the newspaper.

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