Friday, 30 May 2014

Signs You Need To Hustle

Well we can't all be hustlers now can we? We don't agree with that - if it's not your own grind - then hustle a new job, new post.

Here are signs that you need to get up and do something.

1. Your work offers no change in routine

This is perhaps what you’d be doing five years from now, and your career goals do not align with what you currently do. If your position feels static and you don’t see a way to earn further responsibilities or get ahead even after offering ideas on the subject, you’re probably in a dead-end job.

2. Your skills are not being explored.

Your supervisor doesn’t tap into your skills set or go beyond what you’ve been contributing for quite some time. You may have been passed over for promotion – or your requests to take on more challenging projects have been ignored.

3. You're not challenged.

You feel unchallenged by your job, your boss, or your co-workers with no welcome avenue to change things.

4. Your thoughts and opinions don't matter.

Your voice is no longer heard and your opinions are no longer valued. Your boss may seem annoyed when you bring up new initiatives. In a 'no win job,' bosses often prefer that you don't rock the boat. At best, you find yourself forced to be a follower, which is tough if you're naturally a self-starter."

5. No change in pay, title, or responsibilities.

Every payday when you get the SMS from your bank, the zeroes are the same – you think maybe it’s a mistake and consulate your payslip, but still no change. You have been doing the same work for more than one or two years without a promotion, increase in pay, or increased responsibility. While some people may enjoy working on the same tasks, a tell-tale sign of a dead-end job is employees who are not being offered advancement or new training.

6. You lack motivation and enthusiasm.

You get that Monday morning feeling nearly every day, what you used to enjoy doing is no longer enjoyable.

7. You're too comfortable.

You are part of the furniture - there’s a sense of too much comfort with the status quo.

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