Tuesday, 2 April 2013

This Is Courage Ambition Strength Hustle

No matter what they say, the world is divided in two - and before you go "oh no, not that racist shit," well it's not about that race shit but about the go-getters and the ones spectating on the go-getters. It's either you are one or not - there's no in betweens and Cash Sog can testify to that, drawing motivation from his own name and to fill his pockets with the mighty Madibas - CS has hustling running through his blood, even without music - he'd still be hustling.

"I'm a hustler, I'll do any job that pays me I'll work at McDonalds if I have to, as long as I can support myself! Flippin Raps n flippin Big Macs," says Cash Sog.

Don't get it twisted this is NOT an introduction, Courage Ambition Strength Hustle AKA Cash Sog - has been on his grind for a minute and like Nas - life is good. The Soweto born and Mthatha bred MC's career flood gates - opened in 2006 with the album called The Pyramid.

"First professional album was in 2006 with The Pyramid, my big break. Did my first no1 radio hit on national radio, first video, first photo-shoot, professional recording session, endorsement, paying live show etc...basically the Pyramid album broke my vaginal walls hehehe #pause," says Cash Sog.

The microphone called out his name when he first heard Snoop Lion's Doggystyle album and Tupac's All Eyes on Me, he's locked in the lab with his brother from another mother the Channel O Music Awards Winner, Buffalo Souljah. The two heavy weights have been working on Kush (Off Real Niggas Only) and Izandla Phezulu (Off Crackboys Vol3 and Buffalo Souljahs Movement album), also dropped a single called Catch Belle.

I ask him if his parents had any career in mind for him, Cash smiles and says, "I'm sure they did lol. RIP to them, I hope to make them proud looking' down on me from heaven one day thinking' "This motherfucker ballin like a bitch outchea."

Besides music, he has love for tattoos, art, gym and his family.

So, what's next? "Next is COD "Cash On Delivery" dropping' soon, matter fact go to www.reverbnation.com/cashmyafrica and listen to my 1st single "Kaizer Chiefs,  I'm also getting' into TV, and yeah catch me at ur nearest Virgin Active," says Cash Sog.


2006 - The Pyramid - Pyramid of the Game
2007 - Cash - The Dirty Cash mixtape
2008 - The Monopoly - Its That Crack Bitch
2009 - The Monopoly - The Greatest Hits
2010 - Crackboys - Vol1, Vol2, Vol3
2011 - Cash - Weboutdatcashflow
2012 - Cash - Real Niggas Only

Outside the hustle and music - you will find CS working on his guns at the gym or at his rib with his cat (yes cat and a not pit bull).


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