Monday, 7 November 2011

Ladies & Gentleman - ICU

The game needed saving so ICU stepped inn and encourages you to become part of the Intensive Care Experience.

Founded in 2009 ICU is truly one of a kind. Complied of five dynamic young men all hailing from the continent of Africa. These up and comers have a lot on their plate; busy writing, producing, singing, rapping, performing, and dancing, all while maintaining their grades at the University of Johannesburg. Group members Marc, Edgar, Guy, Ken and Keith, are between the ages of 18 and 22.

Although a fresh face, ICU. is not your typical Hip-Hop/R & B group, their music stretches across all genre‟s and borders. In their up and coming debut Mixtape "Last Friday" dropped in October 2011, no two tracks are alike, as their motto is "Without experimentation redundancy will always prosper.”

The sound of ICU. both unique and rich in diversity is guaranteed to capture the international masses. Showcasing not only their lyrical rapping skills, you will find this group mesmerizing you with their sultry R & B vocals, rhythmic House tunes, and mind blowing Hip-Hop beats. These guys are born entertainers, full of energy, charm, and undoubtedly raw talent. ICU is a breath of fresh air to music generated in South Africa and in just a matter of time will reach legendary status as musicians.

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